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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the engagement agreement between us:

(JoyDigital, this document, from beginning to end, including this paragraph, regulates the engagement between us, (“Joy Digital
authorized dealer 208427310, address: P.O. Box 560 Holon 5810501, business phone 0542396548 the owner of the brand “Joy Digital –
Hereinafter also: “the provider”, “the operator of the website”, “Joy Digital”, “we”, “we”, “our”), among you – the party (JoyDigital)
who wishes to purchase one of the services offered by us (hereinafter also : “you”, “you”, “the customer”) on the website
hereinafter also: “the website”), or in another way. These regulations are joined as appropriate (study.joydigital.co.il): ours
and are an integral part of it, specifications The services detailed on the website (including rates),
the order letters, and specific agreements and documents that accompany additional services provided by the website operator.

And yet, if you are not convinced that you have understood any paragraph, and if you have any doubts as to whether the services are suitable for the requirements
and needs of your business, refrain from confirming the agreement, and do not use our services. If you contact us at the email address
with the questions, we will answer as best we can, and you will decide whether the provisions of the agreement are acceptable: [email protected]: the following is up
to you and our services are suitable for your needs.

This Terms and Conditions of Use document (hereinafter: “Terms and Conditions of Use”, “Site Terms and Conditions”) constitutes an integral part
of the privacy policy and the reader must read it together with the privacy policy, and make use of the definitions that appear in the
privacy policy.

General Information

1. Before starting the use of the services offered by us, you must read the regulations and the terms of use and confirm that you have examined them, reviewed them and that you completely and irrevocably agree to the regulations and the terms of use without any claim and/or being presented on your part. claim in this regard. All the activity in this course is provided by the provider MS 20842731.

2. In these regulations, the meaning of the terms shall be as follows:
“User” – a person and/or any legal entity that has made a transaction in which he/she purchased the course from the provider.
“Transaction” – a person and/or any legal entity who purchased the course via the Internet or via a telephone call.
“Payment page” – an internet area designed to carry out the transaction where personal details and credit information must be filled in and/or through
the use of a digital wallet.
“Product cost” – the full cost of the product including VAT.
“The product” – a digital course and/or workshop and/or consultation meeting which is produced on behalf of the supplier as appropriate.

3. It will be clarified that all the conditions offered by us in the regulations and in the terms of use are offered in the masculine language, but both genders are treated equally
. If you do not agree to these terms, you must cease any activity on the site immediately and do not use
the services offered by us.

4. The provider reserves the exclusive right to serve as a monitoring mechanism for the provisions of the regulations and/or to perform any legal action
in accordance with its discretion without any limitation and/or to disable and/or refuse and/or cancel access of the user and/or users to the site
and/or for the product at its sole discretion without any claim and/or compensation and/or indemnification that the user may incur against the supplier in this regard.

5. In addition to the provisions of section 4, the user cannot perform any action that goes against the regulations and/or the laws of the State of
Israel and its laws both in relation to the provider and in relation to other users.

6. The provider is given the exclusive authority to change the regulations as it sees fit without any prior notice. As stated, the validity of the changes
will begin from the date of publication of the revised instruction and it will apply from this date onward and will not apply retroactively.

7. Do not copy and/or duplicate and/or photograph and/or transfer to a third party and/or another user and/or damage in any other way
the provider’s intellectual and physical property. For the avoidance of doubt, access details are personal and should not be passed on. The site grants the user a limited license
for his exclusive use only without any such commercial and/or additional use beyond that.

8. For the avoidance of doubt, the supplier is the sole owner of all rights, including physical property and/or intellectual property, in the product and in the site’s contents,
and the user and/or person concerned has no right to perform any action, both by act and omission, without detailed prior written approval from
the supplier.

9. The supplier may at any time change the contents of the website and/or the contents of the product and/or the cost of the product without any prior notice
to the user and/or a third party and this shall not constitute any cause of action and/or claim and/or demand and/or indemnity against him

10. The user undertakes to enter his correct personal information as well as the correct credit card information. The registration process is performed
once and each person and/or legal entity will perform the transaction from his/her personal account only. During the registration,
the user will fill in his personal information, username, password, e-mail address using the online form on the website.

11. After the user has filled in his personal information and the credit information and/or payment in the “digital wallet”, the user receives
an invoice to the e-mail account as well as a confirmation on the product website of the order placement if the credit information was indeed transferred
correctly. Only after completing these steps will the transaction be considered “a transaction” finished”.

12. The user must make sure that he has provided the supplier with all of his correct details that can be verified in an acceptable and reasonable manner at the time of the transaction
, because if he provides the supplier with erroneous and/or incorrect details, the supplier will not be able to provide the required product
and the supplier reserves the right to take legal action against This user.

13. Payment for the course will be made by credit card and/or by means of a “digital wallet” such as PayPal and/or a
corresponding “digital wallet” agreed upon by the supplier.

14. If the user decides to use a credit card to make the payment, he will be asked to provide the
full credit card information including: ID card, card number, card validity and last digits on the back of the card. If the user chooses
to pay using a “digital wallet”, he will act subject to section 11. The use of the “digital wallet” is subject to the conditions of the aforementioned company
and at the sole discretion of the provider.

15. In cases where the transaction was not approved by the credit company or by the “digital wallet” account or any other means of payment
available at the time, the user will be transferred to a separate page where it will be noted that the payment failed.

16. The supplier reserves the right to change the payment methods as it sees fit and subject to its sole discretion.

17. Disabled persons and/or persons with disabilities who are unable to carry out the transaction through the credit card and/or through the “digital wallet” will contact the
supplier by e-mail and/or by telephone and purchase the course in another reasonable way. You can also see the
accessibility statement page at the bottom of the site.

18. Permission to mail publications and advertisements – a user who purchased the course confirms the terms of this regulation and even confirms that the use of
his details will be done for marketing purposes. This user will be subject to all instructions detailed in these regulations. The site will use the details
provided in accordance with the privacy policy which is an integral part of it. A user who confirms the receipt of the mailing agrees
to receive “advertisements” as stated in the Communications Law (Bezek and Broadcasting) 2008 (the “Communications Law”). It should be noted
that a user who for any reason does not wish to continue receiving the advertisement will remove himself by clicking on
“Remove and/or remove from the distribution list” at the bottom of the email in the English language and/or in the Hebrew language as the case may be. As long as
the user has not removed himself from the distribution list, the supplier will be entitled to send him mailing acknowledgments and advertising material as stated
in the Communications Law. The supplier will not be responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage and/or for any injury and/or emotional distress that will be caused
as a result of the “Advertising” mailings. The “advertisements” will include content that deals with the essence of these regulations and the provider is not
responsible for any error and/or technical defect in the content of the mailing.

19. Before the user makes use of the site and the contents of the product, he is aware that all the contents he will study as part of the course are for
self-study and personal study only, and any action taken following this study is the sole responsibility of the user.

20. The user knows that the username and password he chooses for himself are personal and were given for self-study only, and
the user has no right to make any other use of them and/or transfer the use of the course contents to anyone. If it turns out
that the user details and password have been transferred to another person and/or legal entity, the provider will cancel and block the user from accessing the website,
and this will be grounds for legal proceedings against this user.

21. The supplier may make any use of links and/or articles and/or sounds and/or video content and/or effects and/or any
additional relevant use whose origin belongs to a third party website. It should be noted that the provider is not responsible and/or reviewed the content of the third party website and is not responsible
for the rules of the privacy policy and/or relevant regulations belonging to the third party, and the user does not have any claim and/or claim and/or right against
the provider in this matter

22. The supplier or anyone on his behalf is not responsible for any direct and/or indirect result and/or any direct and/or indirect damage to the body and/or property and/or
financial and/or spiritual and/or loss and/or emotional distress that may be caused to the user or a party C. As a result of using the product contents and/or
using the supplier’s website contents and the responsibility for performing these actions rests with the user and him alone.

23. The user and/or third party will not raise any claim and/or claim and/or demand against the product supplier, its managers, its employees or anyone on its
behalf for any damage whatsoever that will be caused as a result of an action taken and/or information found on the supplier’s website, and the user assumes He bears
the risk of performing this action both by act and by omission.

24 . It will not be possible to cancel the transaction and/or receive any refund after the purchase of the digital course by the user, since it is
a digital course to which there is direct exposure to all the content and/or recordings and/or videos after selecting a username
and password. If the user wishes to retain the right to cancel a transaction – this user is expressly requested by the provider
not to purchase the digital course and not to choose the password to view the course materials. The cancellation of a workshop and/or
face-to-face course will be done in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and the agreement that will be made between the supplier and the users.

25. The provider takes all reasonable and necessary measures to protect all users’ information, including harm to
their privacy and information. However, the user knows that it is not possible to absolutely protect his information and his privacy and the provider is not
responsible for information that is stolen as a result of cyber operations and/or attacks against him and/or disruptions and/or faults and/or an omission and/or a mistake
made. For the book’s sake, the user undertakes not to make any claim and/or demand and/or claim under this section.

26. The supplier makes all reasonable efforts in regards to maintaining the integrity of its website and the product produced through it.
However, the provider does not guarantee that the service provided to the users will not include faults and/or disruptions and/or irregularities that
occur from time to time in the internet provider and/or the internet infrastructure and/or internet network and/or satellite and/or the site’s infrastructure
and/or software the site.

27. The provider makes all reasonable efforts to prevent hacks and/or viruses and/or other spyware. However,
the user is aware that these efforts may not be successful and the user will not raise any claim and/or demand and/or claim in this regard.

28. The supplier respects all rights, including the property rights of other parties. If you see a violation of your rights, please contact the
provider to examine the matter.

29. The supplier may make any use of links and/or articles and/or sounds and/or video content and/or effects and/or any
additional relevant use whose origin belongs to a third party website. It should be noted that the provider is not responsible and/or reviewed the content of the third party website
and is not responsible for the rules of the privacy policy and/or relevant regulations belonging to the third party, and the user does not have any claim
and/or claim and/or right against the provider in this matter.

30. If the supplier is found legally responsible for any matter subject to these regulations, his liability will be limited and will not exceed the cost of purchasing a single course
within the framework of these regulations.

31. If there is a mistake and/or a clerical error in the contents of the product and/or the contents of the website, then this will not bind the supplier or anyone on his behalf.

32. Non-enforcement and/or non-implementation of part of the provisions of the regulations by the supplier does not constitute a waiver of his rights under these regulations, and the
sole right of the supplier to exercise his rights and/or demand enforcement of the regulations in accordance with his sole discretion and legal needs.
The supplier will be entitled to assign all of his rights in accordance with these regulations to others as required. The user may not assign
his rights under these regulations to others.

33. The supplier will not be responsible for any injury and/or cancellation and/or direct and/or indirect damage caused by force majeure or due to circumstances beyond the
supplier’s control and which for these reasons cannot meet its obligations under the regulations. This does not constitute grounds
for a claim and/or claim and/or demand and/or compensation and/or indemnification against the supplier.

34. In light of the fact that this is a service intended essentially for business owners for business use, then the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, including sections relating to the terms of cancellation of a transaction, do not apply to this transaction and the website operator does not allow any refund for the service, and everything is subject to the provisions of the law and policy The cancellations detailed in this agreement. Therefore, the user is asked to verify, before purchasing any service, that the service does indeed correspond to his needs.

35. The provider may, at its sole discretion, prevent any website surfer and/or user from using its contents.

36. Israeli law is the law that will apply to these regulations.

37. In any case of dispute, the court in Tel Aviv alone will have the authority to discuss the dispute that is the subject of these regulations.